All the images on this site were made with pinhole cameras. The vast majority were made on 4x5" Ilford sheet film in a 75mm wooden box camera made by the Lensless Camera company. Others, particularly some of those from 2005 were made in a homemade cardboard box camera, with 4x5" or 5x7" paper negatives. The Obscura images in Works in Progress were made with a converted Ansco Viking on 120 roll film.

Pinhole cameras, by definition, have no lens, and just a small hole. Most of my cameras have an aperture of around f256—about 16 times less light than a typical camera—so exposures are usually several minutes long. A small number of exposures, particularly those made under bright Moroccan desert skies, were as short as 6 seconds.

I make my own silver gelatin prints, on Ilford Warmtone Fibre Paper, and usually tone with selenium and/or viradon. I also make Van Dyke Brown and platinum/palladium prints on handcoated watercolour papers.

I have some 12x16" silver prints in stock and available to buy. I will be offering more prints, both silver and platinum, at other sizes, made to order. If you are interested in buying or trading prints, please do contact me, so that I can let you know which prints I have in hand, and when I might be able to make some new ones.

If you are interested in using any of my images—online, in print, in a show—please do send me a mail. All images are in my copyright, and all rights are reserved.


some recommended pinhole artists

Nicolai Morrisson + Chris Keeney + Ricardo Montesdeoca + Anastasia Medvedeva + Henrieke Strecker + Matt Callow + Steven Taft + David Cugnasca + Chris Ellinger + Carl Radford + Nancy Breslin + Leslie Bastress + Jesseca Ferguson + Wayne Belger + Martha Casanave + Craig Barber + Rob Gardiner + Jeff Korte.

last updated: May 2009